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    ...says the one who argued that "we could do a much better conversation if instead of "source?" [I] said "hey, why do you say that?" or "what makes you say that?" or whatever". Very funny.

    I'm glad you find it amusing. Pity you missed the point. Again.


    It's still there, surprise:

    Nice job, thanks, I'll keep you in mind when I need to find sth on Google.


    No, not at all. As I told you numerous times already, the PowerXCell 32 isn't supposed to have anything to do with PS4 and never was. This alleged connection exists only within your twisted mind.

    Ok, now you're talking BS. A company like IBM won't spend *hundreds of millions* of USD on R&D for a CPU if it only ends up in a couple of their supercomputers and a few thousand boards sold here and there. They have never done that. Even the 440 and 450 used in BlueGene systems are widely sold as embedded CPUs (perhaps slightly modified). The Cell itself *was* funded by Sony and the end product was sold in millions of units and if it wasn't for Sony we would probably never see the Cell. For the same reason, the PowerXCell 32 *initial* purpose was to go in the PS4. Just as the PowerXCell 8i is a bigger/better version of the Cell BE (which came *after* the Cell BE), so the 32-SPU Cell would find its way to the PS4. At least that would make perfect sense, before Cell proved a $1B money-hole for Sony. Go and do some reading first, before you post tons of links, where you probably just skim the title and post the URL, I'm tired of this.


    Yes, quite like the QorIQ you mentioned yourself.

    Yes, but unlike the QorIQ they're not powerful enough. FWIW, I know that QorIQ was even considered by Genesi as basis of a ppc-based system.


    Don't try to take me for fool.

    I admit I was tempted...


    Why not simply saying "only server and embedded lines" when you mean "only server and embedded lines"? Instead, you claimed there would be "only QorIQ and Power7" (the latter one being no problem as POWER is the only server CPU family within Power Architecture and POWER7 being the upcoming member) in plain denial of the existance of the many other embedded lines within Power Architecture which are supposed to get further developed. Do you wonder yet why your ridiculous claim got challenged?

    I have to say, I do wonder yes. After all this discussion, you still miserably fail to see the obvious. The PowerPC line is withering and limiting itself to just a few models/markets, whereas the competition has a plethora of choices for whatever need. You try to justify your reasoning with comments like "hey, you forgot the Titan and the IBM 472 and the A2 and all the -unrelated to the topic- embedded CPUs!". Considering the netbook target, the only *new* CPU fit for the job would be the QorIQ actually (being multi-core and able to reach high frequencies), which is why I mentioned it. And I also mentioned Power7 because it's the most important line currently (and the only one that is able to beat Intel/AMD offerings). I like the PowerPC and have been programming it for ages (have you?) but it JUST ISN'T THE BEST CHOICE ANYMORE. Why is that so hard to grasp?


    And for your argument why you're caring or not: the POWER7 is not suited for desktop applications either, yet you mentioned it.

    Oh, there you're wrong. It would make a fine super desktop, faster than most PCs out there. It even has VSX (altivec-like SIMD unit). If only one could afford it; and the electricity bill.

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