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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Cell R&D has stopped


    Well, it's been all over the net that PS4 will (most likely) use the existing Cell BE cpu (probably scaled down), Google's your friend. I've read in quite a few online financial journals, that with the huge loss Sony suffered from the Cell, it would gladly switch to another cost-saving cpu at an instant, if it could. For this reason it handed production to Toshiba. Toshiba is also in the big red, with big number of layoffs and huge losses. Again, it's trivial to find the articles on google. I read this stuff on a daily basis on a great number of sites, there is no reason to bookmark this. Btw, I tend to provide sources and bibliography when I do real research not casual forum postings. Asking for sources in a casual discussion (which this is, right?) might be taken as both insulting and snobbish. Accept the fact that there may exist people that may know more, because they just care more.

    Btw, IBM's next-gen supercomputer Sequoia, will NOT be based on Cell, guess what that means (hey, here's a source: http://www-03.ibm.com/press/us/en/pressrelease/26599.wss). This is IBM's press release. No word on Cell. A few months back it would be packed with Cell references.

    Ok, perhaps "stopped" is too harsh a word. Perhaps I should have used "has slowed down". Which in technology terms is pretty much the same.


    I don't paint it quite as black as you do:


    The colour doesn't really matter much :) Show me a cheap powerpc-based *available now* with semi-modern specs and I'll buy it and shut up (well, save the PS3, which isn't really a desktop machine nor is it meant for development). For now, the best one can get is a powerstation or a 2nd hand G5. Performance/power wise, these lose greatly to pretty much every modern Intel/AMD cpu, in pretty much every area. Personally, as I said I'd be more than happy with a 8610 or 864xD box at a sane price (even a bit more expensive than competitive products, I wouldn't mind). But that's not happening, and it's not my ship anyway, I'll find sth else to take joy in programming.

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