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    feanor, you need to start experiencing the beauty of resource efficiency. There is more to enjoyable computing than "power PoWeR, POWER!" Smartly written software on a lean OS on a modest processor can beat bloat on an MHz monster running Vista or pick-a-sluggish Linux.

    please, spare me the lecture about resource efficiency. I wrote libfreevec and am expanding it to a full-blown libc. In fact, my work is *exactly* on software optimization, getting old enterprise software and making it orders of magnitude faster and more efficient. I've optimized several algorithms for AltiVec/SSE and working on ARM NEON now. I think I know pretty well what resource efficiency is.

    The fact remains that 5121e being power efficient does not make it usable (esp. by the vast majority of users who are used to Vista or "sluggish" Linux. Btw, Linux can actually be very fast and efficient, you just skip KDE/Gnome.

    But still, you're missing the point. My argument was not about efficiency, it was about using PowerPC and the 5121 in particular. However efficient LimeBook is, it just won't compete with the Atom and even the ARM-based netbooks. Face it, PowerPC is out of the picture.

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