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    Yeah, I guess some guy got some prototypes or sth and is selling them on eBay? Have not had a chance to read all that. IMO the OS4 Team is going to grab some glory and a lot of business if they can make a deal with THTF. I think the MorphOS strategic director ;) should multitask from the PPC Mac port for a moment to see if MorphOS can get in on that action. And Genesi ought to let bygones be bygones and get in there too.

    The problem is that the LimePC is broken by design, for all intents and purposes a stolen Genesi product proposal made it come into fruition. Except for overexcitement on the part of one executive, MorphOS was not in their interests at all, and it's no surprise that the department at Freescale that was dealing with THTF no longer exists.

    If they did a deal with Hyperion for OS4 it'd be out of desperation on their part (THTF have nothing to sell right now). I would feel very sorry for Hyperion if they did it... it'd be another Mai Logic style situation all over again. We all know who came out better for that fiasco.. Genesi, who quit while we were ahead and found a better opportunity.


    This offering is the best response of the PPC universe to this new move toward ARM, IMO.

    Please don't latch onto a processor line for no good reason.

    Cortex-A8 and Cortex-A9 cores are really something special. It may not run MorphOS but if you're looking to make a Netbook or thin client, PowerPC is probably the worst choice in the current market.. it would need significant cooperation from the CPU vendor and other parties to make it work, and that cooperation - because of the complete lack of excitement about the architecture these days - is not forthcoming.

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