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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    Obviously and to my surprise, the e500mc got the pre-e500mc's embedded FPU implementation replaced by an e300/e600 compatible FPU implementation. Furthermore, the pre-e500mc's SPE SIMD (not to be confused with Cell's SPEs) is gone in the e500mc. But unfortunately, it didn't get replaced by AltiVec SIMD.

    Unfortunately the FPU is halfclocked only. The QorIO is rather for I/O ops and not that much for mathematical stuff like media processing.

    In summary, as a MorphOS user I have mixed feelings about the QorIQ. The variants matching an OS that is not SMP capable are of no use due to the incompatible FPU implementation, and the variant matching the way FPU support is implemented in the OS is an overkill eight-core beast. And AltiVec is missing generally. A single-core e500mc based CPU (as suggested as an implementation possibility in the linked document) would be nice, though.

    I don't see the QorIO as a primary MorphOS target, but from Freescale's view I see there the biggest potential for the Power architecture. One thing which might be cool for MorphOS though is the guest OS handling provided by the chip. Maybe this could be useful somehow. Though I don't know a (at least not ad hoc) scenario where MorphOS would be beneficial to have as guest OS (except making MorphOS lovers happy).

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