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    It is hard to say what Jack is talking about now. Originally, it was all about MorphOS. We also considered a dual boot option with GNU/Linux+Qtopia. After the cache-coherency issues surfaced at the end of October and the complexities of completing a port of any EFIKA-working software became more apparent, the switch was made to SymphonyOS. Of course, the other reason was that THTF did not want to pay for any of the software development. Read this...

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    In the end, the Investment Banking Firm was able to get commitments for the $20 million, but THTF did not deliver from their side *and* tried to steal the whole package to themselves. There is more, but that ought to convince most folks the opportunity was real.

    Looking ahead, the i.MX515 is going to end up much better though not PowerPC based. The same Investment Banking Firm remains interested and we will see what happens over the next few months. There have been considerable changes in the financial markets since September when that letter was written. In the meanwhile, you can be sure Gerald is up to his eyeballs in technical documentation for the new chip already, while the rest of the team has alpha level access to all the general details. We post more about all this on PowerDeveloper when we can.

    R&B :-)
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