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    > http://moobunny.dreamhosters.com/cgi/mbmessage.pl/amiga/160792.shtml

    Yes, I know the e700 route isn't pursued by Freescale anymore for a long time. My question wasn't really meant seriously :-) Also power.org's Power Architecture Silicon Roadmap doesn't mention it anymore.

    From your moobunny posting:

    > the e600 as current top edge Freescale ppc core just handles its
    > tasks well

    Then why are Freescale going to put the e600 EOL (according to BBRV)?

    > to me the most [...] promising way freescale will continue with ppc
    > is the QorIQ network processor route - IIRC there the e500 core s used.

    Right, it's e500. And that's as well the reason the QorIQ is not the least promising for me as a desktop Power Architecture (i.e. MorphOS) user. The e500's (and e200's) FPU implementation is incompatible with the one of the e300 and e600 (and the PPC4xx, the PPC7xx and the PPC970 for that matter).
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