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    From: Rapallo (GE) I...
    >You should try to get in touch with Sonic. AFAIR he
    >played a bit with Pegasos parallel port and even made
    >his own device for it that was supposed to be better
    >that the standard parallel.device.

    Already contacted, still no reply. I assume he's busy or

    >port-handler does not support reading at all (well, this
    >will be fixed in the future).

    I also tried the port-handler (68K) by Stephan Rupprecht
    which was supposed to work well but the behavior is

    >No idea about usbparallel.device. Maybe you should try
    >to contact Platon about it.

    Ehr... yes, surely... even if I preferred he had ended
    up in this thread sooner or later :o)

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