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    From: Rapallo (GE) I...
    Hi all,
    not sure if it can be thought better as a software
    or hardware topic, however...

    I'm attempting bi directional communication with a
    printer with no success (what that means ? Simple, I
    send the printer some command which implies a reply,
    that's really low level, technical stuff, don't care
    of it... ;)

    I firstly tried with an UPAR: assign created with
    the port-handler, either connecting the printer to
    the parallel port (via parallel.device) then connecting
    it to USB (via usbparallel.device). No reply, wait

    Then I went the low level way using the device
    read and write commands: with the parallel port
    the read command returns -3 (unsupported command).
    Oh well... so I searched the web and found that
    Pegasos parallel port is stuck to uni directional
    mode. Is that true ? Well, at least 2+2 makes 4
    (a sad 4, I would say).

    Doing the same with the printer connected to USB
    and using the usbparallel.device, the read command
    never returns. I assume my communication protocol
    is correct (even if taken by reverse engineer a
    PC port sniffing...). Should I think that
    usbparallel.device is some way broken too ??
    I need know that, because atm I can't figure out
    until which point it's me and until which it's the
    hardware/OS failing.

    (My config is PegII with MOS 1.4.5)

    Thanks for any in-topic hint and answer!
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