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    I don't know if it has been discussed yet, but I have not seen my answer, so I will ask here.

    Does anyone know if the graphics card for the MacMini is integrated on the motherboard, or can it be replaced/upgraded? I have been searching for an answer on the Net, but have been unsuccessful so far. One service group suggested that the graphics card was part of the motherboard, but did not sound to certain about that statement.

    It would be great if the 1.42GHz models could be upgraded to the 64mb Radeon graphics card, as the 1.5GHz models that come with the 64mb graphics card are much harder (but not to difficult) to find and there seem to be dozens of 1.42GHz models for sale, or auction at any given time.

    I have no doubt that I can find a 1.5GHz model to buy at a reasonable price, but my point is that once MorphOS is finally released for the MacMini, the MorphOS users will most likely want the 64mb graphic card model instead of all the thousands of other PPC MacMini models and the difference in speed between the 1.5GHz model and the 1.42GHz, or even the 1.33GHz versions is much less critical than doubling the graphics memory.

    I don't know how well MorphOS2.x runs on only 32mb of graphics RAM?
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