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    jcmarcos babbled:

    There's been a considerable amount of discussion about PCI risers in PowerDeveloper.org, but not a clear "hey, I have this working" post from anybody.
    Matt Sealey said that Adex Electronics has compatible ones, but there's a lot more to read before doing anything. It's not something that's been already tried and tested.

    The Adex risers are tried and tested. You just have to order the CORRECT configuration.

    The MPC5200B can support a load of 2 PCI cards on it's bus, the riser overcomplicates things, and needs to be designed a certain way to make it work. No such riser exists in the world.

    You can get away with one card in a single-card riser as Adex sell, without problems. The smallest one they sell is exactly the same height (actually about half a millimeter too short) as the AGP riser. It will allow you to put any low-profile 3.3V PCI card into the slot and expose it on the Open Client back panel, for example.
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