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    Good that you have researched the EFIKA well. As for having to pay again for the MorphOS license, it only makes sense that you would have to pay again for the work done to make MorphOS work on a new board design. Your license for the Pegasos has nothing to do with the work on MOS2.1 for the EFIKA.

    I am very interested in the idea of using a riser card with multiple PCI slots, but it would have to have the one AGP slot for my 9250 graphics card. I wonder if anyone makes a PCI riser card that has one or two PCI slots on it AND also has a PCI slot 90 degrees at the end of the riser board so the 90 degree PCI to AGP adapter I have now for the graphics card would work and all the cards would be in the same direction and orientation. If not, it would take a very strange case to contain an EFIKA mobo + multiple slot PCI riser card + the 90 degree PCI to AGP adapter for my Radeon 9250 graphics card.

    I would like to have a USB2.0 card for my EFIKA.
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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