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    @ amigadave:

    Probabily, I should do it ;-)
    But I'm waiting for news about my Peg II mobo. Maybe I'm waiting too much.. or I should buy Efika even though I'm waiting for.
    I'm courios and I would try something... For example: I saw a riser card with two or three PCI sockets... Is it possible use one of those items?!? If this could be possible... I could try a USB 2.0 card..mmmh.. Will it work???
    I red the Efika book: it's possible to try a two device system although it's not reccomended.
    From the Efika book:

    Genesi does not approve whatsoever of plugging cables into the IDE connector ! The following
    section might not work at all... So it is really not recommended !
    The IDE 44 pin connector could be also be used for a 3.5? HD or an ATAPI CDROM. This would
    need a 44 pin male/male gender changer and shorter than 10 cm IDE ribbon cable which
    seems to be difficult to find. Thus such a card usage does not seem recommended for a start.
    The on-board MPC5200B is compliant with ATA-4 specifications (so two HDD/CDROM drives
    could theoretically be managed). However, Genesi says that the Efika's controller can't handle
    devices that are too far away from the connector (10 cm seems to be the maximal value
    however a value of less than 45 cm should also be possible as written in the Freescale's official
    MPC5200B manual).
    In addition, the on-board connector is female (as opposed to standard male connectors)
    making it impossible to directly connect a 2.5? HDD. In consequence, a standard ribbon cable
    can not be used alone and a 44 pin IDE male/male gender changer such as this one is required. But that might not work... and maybe break something...

    I repeat: it's a very interesting board!
    By the way, I have the case, I have the PICO PSU and I have a Radeon 9250 low profile for Efika. And so?!? I payed a license for my Peg... I should pay another one or "reset before system slo-down" every about 30 minutes.. :-/
    I'm waiting... for the moment :-)
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