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    Jambalah wrote:
    I red all this thread and it is so interesting...
    Someone ask to himself the reason to port MorphOS on Mac Mini.. Well, I'd be happy, due to no news about my (dead?) PegII. I think other people could be in the same situation: no machine where to run MorphOS. I think any other people could be courios and then happy to meet the butterfly :-)
    If I was a possible new user I could think to purchase a Mac Mini (or I just have got one) ad try MorphOS 2.x .
    I saw one of this machine yesterday... I'm thinking about it.... ;-)

    Buy an EFIKA now, instead of waiting for MorphOS3.x on the Mac Mini. It is available now and it is cheap and MorphOS2.1 runs on it pretty well already. It is small and runs on very little power and only needs the MorphOS team to make a few more enhancements to MorphOS2.2 to make it a really great low cost next gen Amiga. My only complaints are that it only has 128mb RAM (512mb is the max possible on the board design and it should be possible to easily solder an additional 128mb on the bottom of the mobo where solder pads have been provided, but I have not read of anyone successfully doing it yet) USB 1.1 and not 2.0 and there is a limitation for the on-board IDE controller that prevents using two devices due to length limitations of almost zero for the IDE cable. It is designed to have a 2.5" IDE hard drive directly connected to the 44pin header with no cable, which prevents the ability to connect both a hdd and CD-ROM, CD-RW drive to the controller. The team needs to track down the intermittent USB dropping/freezing problem, if it is a software problem and not a hardware one.

    I love the size/form factor and low power consumption and it is quite zippy running MorphOS2.1. Compatibility with Amiga 68k apps is very good too as long as they don't try to hit the old Amiga custom chips.

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    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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