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    Painkiller wrote:

    PS3 would be the only thing where MOS could possibly move

    It's strange why you guys igore a third PowerPC based console that is not from Sony or Nintendo... :-)
    It has been hacked already. Of course no modern tech toy is worth any consideration if it hasn't been made run Linux.


    but it is at its current state too restricted platform.

    This is the case too. One has to perform extraordinary things to make one of these consoles run a different operating system. Most of those things depend on having a certain, perhaps no longer available, firmware version. Sony got its medal for allowing splicitly a "other OS" option in the PS3, but forbidding real hardware access, which is pathetic. Yes, you can gain it... playing the kludge way again.

    Porting MorphOS to certain models of Mac is possible, ongoing even, and sensible. That's why MorphOS team is doing it, because they are programmers, and logic drives their efforts.
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