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    CountRaven wrote:
    And why someone already in Peg1/Peg2/MOS should be THAT happy with MOS
    2.0 running on a Mac Mini?... Ok it is another platform...

    Well someone should make OS4 to run on Peg1/Peg2 this WOULD be the
    topic of the year, don't you think?

    MorphOS running on Mac Mini provides a much better environment for any G3 user. It offers USB2, decent IDE performance, a fast G4, compact size... even Pegasos2/G4 users can see an improvement as it's much more compact and has a more powerful G4. OK, gfx card may be worse than R8500, but I can live with that.

    About OS4 on Peg... it wouldn't make much sense for them now that Pegs are no longer produced. They'd better release it for Mac Mini.
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