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    Cisc, with regard to the firewire driver-did the Linux guys 'pay a billion dollars to Apple' to get their firewire stack working? Did every Linux guy send Linus a hundred bucks so he could buy the rights from Apple to get the firewire ports woken up on their hardware?

    I don't think so.

    Sonic, any comments on the progress of your firewire stack?

    And finally, yes, at this point, years into the game, I don't think a 'pre-release' deal with MOS 2.0 would be so bad. We've seen videos of it. We've seen it on a Mac mini. Bug reports commonly get answered with 'oh, we fixed that for MOS 2.0'. It's getting about time to put money where mouth is, guys.

    We're already living with what is essentially a beta snapshot, so why can't we have a more official, newer beta snapshot to massage for a few more years?
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