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    Well the 1.4GHz G4 in the mini was 400 MHz faster than any other hardware ever to run MOS, and it has giga-E, at least 4x AGP and a reasonably modern Radeon video card.

    Plus, their population is way more than the, what, 3 to 4 thousand Pegasos IIs which were made? Of course, that in itself is a huge number of actual running computers of somewhat modern vintage in the Amiga world :-/

    The Mac Mini hardware is, I'm guessing, also pretty close to that in their later G4 laptops, so that opens up a whole new world of MOS powered goodness. Who cares if they're second hand?

    There's much more future here than for example Classic hardware.

    While on the subject of modern PPC hardware, what ever happened to that dual e600 CPU that was supposed to come out? IIRC the Peg III was going to be based on it, it sounded awesome.
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