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    And why someone already in Peg1/Peg2/MOS should be THAT happy with MOS
    2.0 running on a Mac Mini?... Ok it is another platform...

    I still think that the most corect point in the entire post was the
    one pointing an entire MOS 2.0 release for classic PPC Amiga,
    Peg1/Peg2 and MacMini in the same time....

    A port always bring good news and more fans but I would prefer to buy
    a Peg2 than a MacMini if you want my opinion.. The real good news is
    for those who still got a Peg1/Peg2 @ home and a Mac-Mini @ office and
    they want a MOS invasion -as already pointed-....

    Well someone should make OS4 to run on Peg1/Peg2 this WOULD be the
    topic of the year, don't you think?
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