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    then, if this is their poor opinion of us MorphOS users, it is normal to wait an entire new OS release to have useful features that had improved the impact of platform amongst users and improved respectability of the platform in the market...

    Can you atleast try to understand a post before you reply with your nonsense?


    I wonder how many video software could had been developed just only if we had had a working firewire port device...

    The port works just fine, someone "just" has to write a driver for it in MorphOS and a complete stack to handle the myriad of different protocols, not to mention pay a billion dollars to Apple, but hey, you're the expert, go ahead (or start asking what happened to that bounty Sonic started (though, better start by donating those billions))... :P

    (and BTW, my guess would be we'd have exactly 0 video-editing software because it too is too time- and cost-consuming to develop for a market such as this (and please, no, don't talk about the 2 (or so) open-source alternatives available before you've actually tried porting them))

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