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    Raf_MegaByte wrote:
    If someone from MorphOS team had said me that MorphOS 2.0 will be presented on the market directly available at the same time for Classic Amiga PPC, Pegasos I and II, Efika and MacMini PPC, I could had understood, and I had had approved this porting on MacMinis...

    But unfortunately this concept-only porting of MorphOS 2.0 on MacMini, seems to me only that they are joking with MacMinis without releasing the MorphOS 2.0 for current userbase,

    adusting MOS to another computer (i.e. writing drivers etc.) is not the same as polishing other compounds of the OS.
    See e.g. MUI. it is just not totally polished but needs further polishing. The other MOS programmers not involved in MUI, what should they do while it takes its tim eto polish MUI? Nothing or better go on and proceed with the next steps?
    I knew what I would do...

    Note that I don't want to judge MUI as the release delayer, but MUI is one of the OS parts where development is quite easy to track (the many betas which made impressive improvements during the last months).
    I am sure MOS 2.0 comes as soon as possible and development on the Mac Mini port is not a delayer.


    Sure the place where I live (Italy) it is becoming very expensive place.

    Oh yes, Italy became insane expensive in some regards. Anyway, don't blame the Euro for that.

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