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    Hi Raf,

    What makes you think that MOS team are joking ? I think you mistake what looks like a concept port (I haven't seen the video) probably by one or two team members "on the side" with a full team all out effort.

    It doesn't mean that serious development has ceased. These kind of part time projects like MOS are massive and you shouldn't underestimate the effort that goes into them. Look at YAM and AWeb for example. I for one would have been happy for there to be more incremental releases but I'm not sure I would want a situation like AOS4 where they went to pre-release 4 (or higher ?) before there was a final release.

    I'm sure it's not easy but after you've hacked together a hardware abstraction layer for the Mac Mini, putting MOS on top of it is probably straightforward. I'd love to know what that involves and how hard it really is.

    You must live in a different world to me, my old A1200 plus accelerator and all the other bits and pieces cost a lot more than my fully loaded Peg 2 if you adjust for inflation. I don't see how owning a Pegasos or EFIKA is going to break the bank unless you are unemployed or have a big family.
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