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    Gigabit works first time every time for me, here. But I do have an odd problem - when I turn the power off to my Pegasos completely, SmartFirmware tftpboot and the first boot into MorphOS find the via rhine ethernet interface unusable. I have to boot into Linux and then return to firmware/MorphOS before I can use that network interface.

    I guess it's something to do with some initialisation that the Linux rhine driver does that firmware/via_rhinepci.device do not do.

    Which is annoying, because if I don't have a usable Linux installation at the time, I have to shift the network cable from the 100Mb port to the Gigabit port to netboot just to get the 100Mb interface working!

    You can try with ViaRhine-WakeUp .
    This useful tool solved me a similar problem affecting Morphos Ethernet after Linux usage...
    Hoping this will help you,

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