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    I allready found the strange OF-script to get an extra delay to detect harddisks.

    Maybe this would help in other cases, but on my 3 Peg2's, booting often stops after the logo of the OF.
    .. I guess the keyboard wasn't detected, so serial console was used...

    With linux, I often miss the Gigabit-ethernet on the first start after powerup.

    All these bugs annoy me since the Peg2's are here. ( Not talking about the stupid move-the-mouse-will-kill-the-of-console-bug of the PEG1).

    The only solution seems to build some extra control device (AVR ?) to work around these bugs.
    .. I hoped, the new Firmware would fix some of this, but I didn't expect the long time of the new OF to appear.

    ( If it was an "Open source firmware", I guess we wouldn't even talk about these topics now.)
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