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    And when I try to boot from it it says that the partition is in an unsupported file format. I have used the correct FFS system.

    That is peculiar, but could be related to the next item:


    I am a bit confused here. How can the bi0 partition in the beginning of the disk suddenly be partition number 3 and how can I change it back?

    The problem is most likely that your hd has an MBR, in which case you need to erase it, try the following from shell after booting from cd:

    hdwrite ide.device 0 MOSSYS:C/Reboot 0

    ..that should overwrite the MBR with the Reboot file, effectively zapping it (Reboot because it's >512 and <1024 bytes). ;)


    I would be sad to have to make a lowlewel format.....

    Well, lowlevel format is basically a no-op these days (and would destroy your hd in the old days), so... ;)

    Anyway, in the worst-case scenario all that should be necessary to do is simply repartition your bootimage partition (but this doesn't seem likely as you said it started on cylinder 2, which is correct)...

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