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    I had a similar problem some time ago. It seems to be a SCSIConfig issue, that appeared in my case when I deleted some partitions that were not physically at the beginning of the hard disk, and redefined them. These new partitions then came first in the SCSIConfig list of partitions, even if they were not the first in terms of physical position on the hard disk.

    You may solve the problem in the following way.

    1) Run SCSIConfig and take note of the start and end cylinders of all your partitions (as well as filesystem, masks, etc.). Actually all these data should be already present in the file: "SYS:Tools/SCSIConfig.RDBStorage".

    2) Delete all the partitions. (Argh!)

    3) Recreate all the partitions exactly as they were, according to the data you took note of. However, this time ensure that you recreate the partitions in their physical order (i.e. increasing start cylinder number).

    4) You will find again all your data and the partition number problem will disappear.

    This worked for me, and I lost no data at all. Anyway please note that if you follow this procedure, you do it entirely at your own risk! Make backups before you start!
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