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    GK_LKA wrote:
    I have a VIA EHCI (USB2.0) PCI card, and have the same problem as had with the VIA network card: If I boot linux (latest kernel), and then try to use the card in MorphOS, it doesn't work, I think linux initializes it somehow, and then MOS can't use it this way. The only solution is the well-known plug-off-the-power-cable-from-your-computer magic technic :(. Is is there a fix for that? Or can anybody write a patch like the viarhine-wakeup?

    the Linux EHCI driver sat up some register and 'owns' each high speed/USB 2.0 port. On a device connection, this driver is responsible to probe the speed. If it's a low/full speed device then the port ownership is relead and the conpagnon chip (UHCI or OHCI) see a device connect event. If it's an high speed device then the driver continue the init/connect process.

    However, on reset the EHCI chipset should NOT own the card (this should be only set by the driver). But, some cards/chipset doesn't reset the appropriate bit and the port ownship is stuck to the EHCI even after a reset.

    In your case, I guess the Linux EHCI driver is loaded, own the port and on reset the 'ownship' bit isn't reset then the EHCI chip still on the part but there are no driver on MorphOS to either use the device as an high speed device or to release the port to the conpagnon.

    I hope I've been clear ;-)

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