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    From: Rapallo (GE) I...
    I prehaps gave you wrong/imprecise info about my
    hardware. I just opened the case and had a look
    at the cpu card which reads clearly 1.1.
    See shots here:



    I didn't take off the mainboard so I cannot tell you
    for sure the PegasosII version, but typing

    cd /openprom

    in OF tells me

    PegasosII,1.2 (so I assume it's 1.2)
    Built-On 0x131CC6A (20040810)

    Firmware is 1.2 (20040810112413)

    But now I remember that when I bought my PegII
    (no card update, I bought it already with G4 1Ghz)
    OF 1.1 was installed. I later made the flash update
    to the 1.2 you see above but I don't remember where I
    downloaded it and/or who gave it to me.
    I don't experience any problems. Nor I could test
    by myself which gfx cards combo work and which not.
    I use a Radeon 7000 sapphire AGP DDR 64MB.

    I hope you find my info useful.
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