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    Even if we do not get the differences between the revisions we already got some interesting information and thanks to your post we just got more. We will see if Bplan can provide even more.
    The "Pegasos Book" so far does not list all the different Pegasos versions. Soon this information will be available.

    The point is certainly not to have all users beg for the latest release just for the sake of having it. If the user Pegasos works fine there is no point risking an upgrade that may only bring unneeded things.
    On the other hand if someone SF version is known to have a particular problem (for example a problem with a certain graphic card) I would recommend to this person to email bplan for asking for a SF upgrade. In this case the information that was provided in this thread may help.

    I am glad to learn today that soon there will be an 1.3 release available for everyone. It will be even better if it includes a change log and works on all boards :)

    I don't think I waste my time (there are several more useless things to do to waste time).
    Even if the conclusion is that there are only very minor changes between SF 1.2 revisions it is still information that help users understand better.
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