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    Raf_MegaByte wrote:

    Mr. Neko wrote:

    You can buy them from Freescale right now.


    Sounds veeeeeeery interesting! :-)

    Where to order them? At genesippc?

    Did you miss the "You can buy them from Freescale right now" part?

    Again (as said several times in this thread), these motherboards are not products from Genesi, and question is if these Freescale reference motherboards will be of any real use to you? I guess they aren't exactly supported as consumer-level products you know ...

    You can find *Genesi's* products over at https://www.pegasosppc.com/store.php

    Edit: If you go to Freescale.com and enter "hpc" in the "parts" search field at the top of the page, you will reach the following information after a few clicks:

    Budgetary Price* QTY 1000+ ($US) = $2,494.00

    This should give you a hunch, although you can probably negotiate this with Freescale depending on what you might propose to them (ie how interesting they will find your project to be)

    *) Budgetary Price (1000+Qty, US Dollars) is the Manufacturers Suggested Resale Price per unit in US Dollars for a quantity purchase of more than 1000 units. All prices are provided for budgetary purpose only, shown in United States Dollars, and are subject to change without notice. For specific volume quotations, please contact your local Authorized Freescale Semiconductor Distributor or Freescale Semiconductor Sales office.

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