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    HPC-I and HPC-II are Freescale validation platforms for the Discovery III/7447A and Tundra Tsi108/7448 respectively. You can buy them from Freescale right now. There is scope for resale of the boards but not really in a market we are focussing on today.

    Gerald and Thomas ported the firmware and used the platforms to validate the CPU and northbridge combinations for the blade design. They did this so that they could just boot Linux on them and run it like a Pegasos. The Blade has the same feature. So does EFIKA. The firmware is the central point to that endeavour.

    Open Server Workstation is named for a reason, but I'm not going to give that information out. It wasn't our decision for a name, but a necessity, and a product tie-in with the success of the ODW. What it tries to convey, despite being a LITTLE confusing, is that it is oriented towards the under-desk server applications (Sun and SGI have had these available for years) and high-end clustering (like XServe).

    Think of the Virginia Tech cluster that Apple helped with - it started out as Power Macs running as servers, and then they moved to XServes. We could provide the same thing on the same motherboard, just in different boxes, depending on the use (1 server or 40 in a rack..)

    It's not really oriented to generic desktop use, like to buy a Dell to run a word processor on. Why would you need a 4-core multiprocessing paralellised beast like that in order to write letters to your bank manager and shop at Amazon? :)

    To cut the speculation: 970MP chips are available *today*. PA Semi PWRFicient are not sampling until late next year.. and it's no G5 clone.
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