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    Raf_MegaByte wrote:
    Seems from your words, that even HPC I e II are not about to be launced *SOON* on the market.

    You still don't grasp the fact that HPC I and II are *Freescale* designs, that runs bPlan's SmartFirmware, and have been debugged/tested by Gerald Carda. It's Freescale that uses/sells them as developer boards.

    Any chance to see HPC I or HPC II on the market if tests will show that the hardware configuration works flawlessly?
    Is there any market plan to sell them directly by Genesi?

    I'd check Freescale instead for these boards.

    P.S. (1): "High Performance Computer" is a very messy name.
    It is not the only problem!

    I guess it was not decided by bPlan/Genesi.

    Open Server Workstation is a cool name. Is it? It jokes both with the term "Server" and also with the term "Workstation"...
    But it could be misinterpreted (-is this computer a Server or is it a Workstation???-)

    Can't a Workstation be used as a Server, today? Those are names, not necessarily referring to different design. Just think about the so called Personal Computer, which is often used as a Workstation or as a Server.

    P.S. (2): Regarding Open Server workstation and its double MPC 970 features...
    Have you heard of the announcing of new PPC G5 clone PWRFicient PA6T-1682M by P.A. Semi(conductors)???

    Of course he has:

    But anyway, I'd stop speculating. We'll have something to talk about when announcements will be made, or even better, when products appear. Right now, Neko has told quite a lot already. I'd be more interested in higher clocked processor boards for the Peg2 (both sold as upgrades of existing designs and as better specced PegasosII), newer designs (either based on DiscoveryIII, V, Tundra Tsi108 or MPC8641) are still some time from coming (also because some of the parts are sampling now, or are not even at this stage...). I don't think the Peg2 would show its age for another 9-12 months if the CPU was more up to date.

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