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    Please don't even "speculate" things like scenario A because people take it as gospel truth :)

    7447A and 7448 works fine on the Discovery II, at 133MHz bus speed which is the maximum the chip supports. This is fine in the Pegasos II.

    Gerald has a 7448 card design already prototyped. When we get the CPUs in quantity we can make the CPU cards with them soldered to it. With the release of the 1.3 firmware (which is simply late.. feel free to throw small rocks and things at Sven to spur his progress :) you will be able to plug in your 7447A or 7448, and have it just plain work. Among a bunch of other features like *AHEM* and *COUGH* and *CENSORED*.

    I don't think we fully decided what method we'll use to sell them, but one is that Free Workstation users can buy the 7448 card for $50 as part of their support package. The 7447A is part of the FW deal but also we didn't decide on whether to sell it seperately..

    There is ample opportunity to bring up a new Pegasos board design based on a new Discovery chip, or the Tundra northbridge, or even some magic new chipset, but this requires substantial relayout of the board. Other upgrades might want to be performed (southbridge or so on) which requires further development and of course part sourcing. It may as well be considered a brand new board (but it would share a common CPU slot by nature).

    The Tsi108A is still brand new. There is so much life left in it and lots of time to design a board around it. The Discovery V won't be out for almost a year. The same goes for the 8641D (not too sure about the single core variant).

    Any product which has not been officially announced as a press release, technically does not exist. There is no Pegasos III based on any chipset, right now.

    Right now development effort goes on the new CPU cards, the blade (nearing completion, pending some final tweaks), EFIKA and the announced OSW motherboard. Somewhere along the line, some other 32bit board may be announced. Since it hasn't..

    By the way Bill said the OSW will be a microBTX-based board, this allows substantially easier cooling solutions to be built for low-profile cases and also will bring in the enhancements to the case and PSU spec which detail PCI-Express and the power requirements associated (remember PCI-Express 16-lane graphics cards are allowed to draw 150W from the *bus*).
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