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    I'm not sure, whether it has to do with MOS-Version too. I tested yesterday a previous version (3.1) and had no popups at all during 3 hours.
    Now, at moment, PB is running with 3.18 again - will see what happen.

    Because of Kronos hint yesterday, I looked at BT-devices under OSX - there where none. For experimental I tried to connect my Smartphone, only to check functionality - it works flawless. After closing BT-link on Mac-side I rebooted to MorphOS and had no popups any more yesterday.....maybe it has also to do with this issue.

    Does your friend also use a WLAN-card? This is the only additional equippement on my PB.

    BTW: My PB is a A1139 with 1.67GHz.

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