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    Kronos wrote:
    Are you sure about that?

    AFAIR that is still the 9000Pro you got from me with just 64MB and AFAIK no R200 has dual head support.
    If I'm mistaken I should be able to pull that off with the Voodoo and 128MB 9000nonPro that I have in mine.

    I might also have a spare ADC-DVI adaptor if thats whats missing, but I'm again pretty sure you won't get any further than mirror mode.

    I remember cyfm was eager to test something with my card. Not sure about dual head or just the port, but for just using digital output that adapter would be too expensive. Could also be swapping the card with the one in my G5. I usually don't care about what gfx card I use as long as it works. :D
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