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    >> PCI Radeon HD 4550 card with onboard
    >> PEX8112 PCIe-to-PCI bridge chip

    > on the screenshot in the first thread it's radeon PCI, not PCIe one ?

    Yes, that's exactly what I wrote.

    > While card on screenshot do have Pex8112 onboard, it still physically
    > PCI card, while in my case i tried to use PCIe X1950 over real bridge.

    Yes, I got that. In my (layman's) opinion it shouldn't make a difference from OS/driver perspective whether the bridge chip and the GPU are on the same physical card or on different cards chained one after the other.

    > Maybe in case with this exactly screenshot some changes
    > in the kernel were done exactly to support this PCI card, to
    > bypass OF which may configure it wrong or something ?

    The author of the screenshot wrote in the linked comment that it worked with the release version of MorphOS 3.10 as well.

    > PI7CX9111SLBFDE

    X9 should be 9X, I guess.
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