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    While testing how amigaos4 works with PCI bridges and PCIe on pegasos2, i was curious if i can use some older PCIe cards such as Radeon X1950 XT via PCI-to-PCIe bridge on pegasos2 with Morphos.

    So, booted up morphos with both Radeon9250 put in AGP slot as always, and with PCI-to-PCIe bridge with Radeon X1950XT in it : morphos boots ok, via PCITool i can see that bridge and card detected. So reboot, connect monitor to X1950 instead on Radeon9250, and boot : nothing, black screen. From logs i can see that morphos boots up fine, but no output on card in the bridge.

    Then i just put away Radeon9250 from AGP slot, so keep only X1950XT in pci-2-pcie bridge, and boot morphos again : it's again boots (i can see from debug log), but again i didn't see any output on the screen, but this time in the debug log i have that:

    Radeon: Don't know how to initialise the memory controller of this Radeon
    Radeon: Memory size adjusted to 256MB

    Did anyone have it working under morphos before ? Or maybe someone can advice what to check next , thanks!
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