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    waldiamiga schrieb:
    So if I overclocked the G4 1.67 to 1.8GHz, it would be similarly efficient as the G5 2.1GHz in the iMac G5.

    In pure computing this would be true. But throughput of the g5 systems is way better. I.e. browsing and video replay on a G5 is quite better on my g5 than a G4, while things like jpg decoding is worse.

    Comparing the myiMac G5 2.1 with my Powerbook (5.6) 1.67 shows that browsing on the iMac is a good tad smoother, and video replay works with higher resolutions w/o frame dropping, but decoding a jpg in showcase is faster on the Powerbook.

    It's also noteworthy that (surprisingly) the SATA ssd on the G5 does not yield (significantly) higher speeds than the PATA/mSATA adadtper SSD package on the Powerbook.

    In contrast to @sailor I think the iMac is a pretty nice system: It's not the fastest of all, but still conveniently fast while not bulky, relatively energy efficient and rather silent.

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