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    Kronos wrote:
    End result is that real performance of G5 (high clocked) G4 and X1000/5000 is so close with each having it's own minor strong point that performance just shouldn't be a deciding factor which to get.

    Yes something like that ;-)
    We can do many real tests, but never will be absolutely fair.
    - MorphOS is more efficient than AmigaOS 4
    - AmigaOS 4 can use better graphics cards
    - linux utilize all cores
    - only common platform for all these computers is Debian 8 or similar distro with single-thread test. Newer distros have no support for exotics like Pegasos 2 and AmigaOne XE.
    - if we use linux for testing, here is big disadvantage for Mac Mini and similar, since R100/R200 graphics drivers are poor.
    - and has no sense made test with linux, as we want to use MorphOS

    So best way is to use impressions and feeling with using of our computers.
    And of course, time-to-time do some real benchmark, but we must have in mind, that benchmark is big simplification. Benchmark is simple answer for question which has no simple answer. ;-)

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