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    koszer wrote:

    sailor wrote:
    Real speed of G5 970 CPU on the same frequency is lower than G4 and G3 and these two had 2.3 MIPS/MHz for sure.

    That would correspond with the fact that a 1,8 GHz Power Mac G5 running on one CPU (MorphOS) is roughly on par with PowerBook G4 @1,67 GHz.

    Which is contradicted by the fact such a PowerBook did easily crush the X1000 in real world test back in the days.

    -> Meaningless Instruction Per Second

    There is also much more to performance then just the CPU running code in it's cache.

    G4s can't make use of DDR(2) and even on old SDRAM they barely get to use the full performance
    Pegasos G4 is even worse
    X1000 doesn't do good as it should

    G5 seems to be the only one with a proper RAM interface.

    End result is that real performance of G5 (high clocked) G4 and X1000/5000 is so close with each having it's own minor strong point that performance just shouldn't be a deciding factor which to get.
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