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    sailor wrote:

    My general opinion is that Powermac G5 2.5 GHz is faster than needed for MorpOS, iMac G5 is not good and X1000 is fine (but not for MorphOS, of course).

    Great writeup with differences!

    I do disagree a 2.5 GHz 11,2 Mac isn't powerful enough. For most things you're 100% right but:
    1. For certain websites Wayfarer still is too slow.
    2. For certain video files like 4k, even the mighty 2.7 has trouble.

    The application set for MorphOS is becoming brilliant where you can use it for so much now, but when you need real cpu and bus grunt to get the job done even the 2.5 is too slow.

    I would get a single processor 11,2 (2.0 or 2.3 GHz) and put a single 2.5 in it. Runs MUCH cooler and quieter with 0% performance hit.
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