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    Hi JohnFante,


    JohnFante wrote:
    However, I seem to remember that MorphOS makes som very lowlevel alterations on the HD's it is installed on.

    Sorry, I'm gonna have to stop you right there. MorphOS does not make very lowlevel alterations to hard disks or to any other part of any system it is installed on for that matter. MorphOS only writes data to hard disks in a completely normal way, and any data installed to a hard disk by MorphOS can be erased by wiping the data on the disk in any standard way, for example with a simple dd command on any Unix system.


    JohnFante wrote:
    I have had a WD 1TB HD that I have used for a MorphOS install on one of my X5000's (MorphOS registred on the other machine). I have now moved the drive to my AmigaOS machine. However for some reason I can not use the new NGFileSystem on the disk. FFS and SFS works fine.

    I'll possibly be wrong here, as I don't use the system in question here, but it sounds like you're either supposed to install the filesystem in the RDB of the hard disk, and you didn't, or you've set up your partitions to not mount automatically on boot, which is a flag you'll be able to alter with whatever partitioning software you're using.

    However, I'd simply advice you to follow the documentation for the OS/filesystem you're trying to use, as that is where the issue lies.

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