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    My 2.3 did run quieter. Ideally then my 2.0 PCIe system may be the best fit once the system/video card issues are resolved.

    Really impressed with the PowerBook 1.67 17, it runs MorphOS very well. Switch to it for my daily driver, as it was perfect quiet and drive HD resolutions on my monitor.

    When I ran the 2.7 I had to have the windows open, or they got really loud. Insane really, perhaps the heatsink transplant doesn't get rid of heat as good as liquid cooling. The temperature readings in MorphOS were really similar however.

    I could try recalibrating again, since in MorphOS it reads 168 F and the fans should run quiet, but they don't/

    Maybe I will look into quiet fans for it and see what that might look like, in my research there wasn't a direct solution. You had to retrofit some fans an hope they worked or just wire them for a certain rpm.

    I would even consider the X5000 but I heard they are a lot slower than a powermac and they are crazy expensive and hard to find...

    Such a pain for a quiet and fast system.


    jacadcaps wrote:
    There's no hardware that'd give you 3 monitors. I think you just need good, comfortable noise cancelling headphones if the PMac noise is getting to you - although I find my 2.3GHz boxes quite OK in terms of noise, at least compared to the NVidia in my work PC, uhh.
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