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    This is a simple fan control/temperature monitoring tool for iMac G5 20"
    iSight running MorphOS.

    It allows you to manually control the fan speeds within its valid/reported
    range and view various temperatures. This is meant to be more of an
    experimental tool if you should ever experience issues with too high
    temperatures when running the system on high CPU load.

    While iMac G5 is not officially supported by current MorphOS versions which
    is 3.15 at the time of this release, future MorphOS versions might have
    better system integration and/or might require to get this tool updated if
    you still want to use it.

    If you encounter any issue, please contact me at frank@morphos-team.net

    New in Version 0.4

    - new shell/icon parameters

    MIN_RPM0 minimum fan rpm speed for fan 0 (optical fan)

    MIN_RPM1 minimum fan rpm speed for fan 1 (CPU fan)

    MIN_RPM2 minimum fan rpm speed for fan 2 (HDD fan)

    NOGUI do not open the user interface but only adjust minimum rpm
    speed if necessary, (only useful if any of the MIN_RPM
    args is used)

    Any of the minimum RPM arguments won't take effect if it is either out of
    the fan's own minimum/maximum range or below the actual current setting
    of the fan
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