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    sailor wrote:

    matt3 wrote:
    I have a XT1900GT Mac PPC radeon card.

    Are you sure that this card is Powermac G5 version?

    As I know, there was ATI Radeon X1900 G5 Mac Edition for out late 2005 Powermacs. I.e. PCIe G5 dual core and Quad.
    I have exactly this card and it works.
    Original MacPro ( Intel ) had ATI Radeon X1900 XT.

    I am not found sign "1900 GT" on powermac cards. Yes, G5 edition have the same graphics chip like GT, but different bios.

    Of course, it can be labelled different ways, but I recommend double check if you have real Powermac G5 version.

    And of course, If you have original Powermac NVidia in first slot, you can use PC version of X1900 GT card for Morphos and linux.

    It didn't come with a manual, the seller was very specific that is was the card.

    Since I can get into bios on the Mac, doesn't it have to be the PPC card?
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