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    jacadcaps wrote:
    What’s the noise level? If it is the „jet mode” like you get after a minute or so in OpenFirmware, then it is nothing MorphOS could solve. It means the thermal calibration data is bogus.

    No it turns on and boots normally, with regular fan speed/noise. The fan fluctuates, most of the time is in a higher setting but will settle down other times. I'm pretty certain all the sensors and calibrations are normal just the fan spins at a higher rate (not the jet mode) to keep the system cool.

    The temperature readings in MorphOS are similar to what they have always been since I started using this system. The fans however started to spin more in the last few weeks. Tried all the cleaning etc.

    Right now the fan is spinning faster and the CPU temp is 168.2F, normally the fan would be at a lower setting at that temp. Only when it creeped into the 170's did it run faster or when I watched a movie. Strange...

    If I open my windows and freeze myself the fans slow down to where they normally run. Snowing and cold so not interest in that :).

    When I converted to air cooled, the CPU temp readings in MorphOS from the liquid cooling and with the air cooled heatsinks were identical. I put a good amount of silver on the cpu and cleaned it up...

    Interesting the other CPU (claimed to be bad with calibration test) - used OF to 'disable' it, runs at 113.3f constantly. Remember in my 2.3 that the temps were much closer together...

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