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    > 2.0 pci express G5 […] is much faster.

    Depends on the kind of workload, really. For compute-bound tasks, the 2.7 GHz PPC970FX is significantly faster than one core of the 2.0 GHz PPC970MP.

    > No LCS to deal with.

    According to comment #10, he doesn't have to deal with an LCS when using his 2.7 GHz machine.

    > Buy a generic NIC card to use for now.

    According to comment #9, that's what he did.

    > X1950 cards are cheap to buy. Just buy a PC one and it will work for MorphOS.

    According to comment #9, he ordered an X1900GT with PPC ROM. Unless he also wants to run Linux, that's to be preferred as this way, he can access OpenFirmware without the need for a 2nd graphics card.
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