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    koszer wrote:

    matt3 wrote:
    I moved to a 2.7 GHz a few months ago and I'm trying to get the fans to spin less or find a quiet replacement.

    I should say that is was never this loud for the months that I have used it, just start spinning more. The temp in MOS has been constant really, so it isn't hotter according to the gauge...

    If the temp is somewhat constant and the fans are running like crazy then it would mean your cooling system is not doing its job properly (and thus the fans must compensate for the rest of it). Check the liquid cooling system for leaks and/or check the cooling liquid level if you can. Make sure the pump is running as well.

    I converted it to air cooled by moving over the heatsinks from my 2.3 before I started using it months ago. The cooler was leaking very little and I didn't want to fight that battle.

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