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    I moved to a 2.7 GHz a few months ago and I'm trying to get the fans to spin less or find a quiet replacement.

    I should say that is was never this loud for the months that I have used it, just start spinning more. The temp in MOS has been constant really, so it isn't hotter according to the gauge...

    I have already:
    1. Clean everything internally including the fans.
    2. Calibrated the fans.
    3. Turn off one cpu.

    Does anyone have any words of wisdom to help me out?

    If I can't I will switch to my 2.0 PCIe system and go that route ( I was waiting until the video drivers were completed and the nic driver was released... but the fan noise is driving me CRAZY!!!!).

    Does anyone recommend a video card for the G5? I'm tempted to get a Apple version for now so I can get into bios and upgrade MorphOS.

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