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    The plot thickens :D

    Here's a photo from the top and another one from the side.

    Furthermore, according to this site the only possible candidates for this type of PowerMac (Sawtooth) are 4 options.and the only relevant photo I could find on the net is this one (from some Japanese website, claiming to be indeed a FastMac).

    If the above are true then this is a 7455 @ 1.53Ghz (?), hence there is a chance that MorphOS could be reporting both cpu and clock wrong, wtf?

    From the benchmark posted above (and the overall experience), I am pretty sure that given its speed this must be a cpu with a massive L3 cache in order to keep and/or beat my 1.67Ghz 7447A pbook in some areas of cpu intensive tasks. Also, the system was used for professional DTP (Photoshop) around 13 yrs ago when I bought it, which makes the 7455 even more attractive as an upgrade back then.

    I 'll try to locate and burn another version of Lubuntu to fire a terminal and check with lshw command to see what it states.
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